7 Important Learning Tips During Stay At Home Period

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7 Important Learning Tips During Stay At Home Period

Instead of wasting your time getting bored during quarantine, why not utilizing this period to learn something useful for your life?
Here are 7 suggestions how you can use your time wisely:

1. Learn A New Skill
You can choose to learn a skill that you find it interesting at the same time might help you generate second income working as a freelancer. For example, gaining the skill such as coding, graphic designing, photography, videography may help you earn extra income while keeping your full time job. The best thing is you never know the time you invested today for the skill you learn may land you a full time career in future.

2. Learn A New Language
Always wanted to learn a new language but too busy to learn? Isn’t this the best time learning this now? It is also an advantage to your resume knowing a language that has high demand in the job market.

3. Eat & Cook Healthy Meal
Stay healthy should be everyone’s priority today as health is the most important asset for us. To stay healthy, you need to learn how to boost your immune system. Therefore, learn how to cook healthy food and practice a healthy eating habits helps!

4. Improve Mental Wellness
Being psychically fit is good but let us not forget our mental health. We are living in a stressful world with overloaded message from email, social media & workplace therefore we need to learn to unplug where meditation may bring you a peaceful state of mind.

5. Increase Your Financial Knowledge
Financial knowledge is often the part that is being neglected by working professionals. Guess what? Most people think why learn to save & invest when you have your monthly salary? Have you ever thought that if you lost your job one day, how long will your savings last before you secure your next job? Without a job, how long can you & your family survive?
Stop thinking and start to learn financial planning today.

6. Read Books
This is the lowest cost investment for us with the highest return of investment. Learn not only skill & knowledge from the book you read but also widen your perspective. Now, you have plenty of time to focus to complete the book you wanted to read during this period.

7. Strengthen Relationships
Let us not forget our friends & family during this period, perhaps it is a good time to call those who you have not spoken for a while. Utilize this period of time, learn to reconnect & rebuild the relationship which you value most.

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