7 Signs of A Bad Company

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7 Signs of A Bad Company

Are you feeling stuck in your current position and bored with your daily routine? Lack of motivation due to limit growth opportunity in the company? Just lost your job or being told you job has been make redundant? Perhaps this might be a signal that it is time for a change in a new environment for new challenge.

The biggest fear in landing for a new job is joining a wrong company. Unless you have receive constructive feedback from your close connection or not changing your job is like gambling your career & valuable time.

It is not easy to find a good company however once you notice the following 7 signs then this is the company might not worth spending your time on it.

1. Always With Available Management Job Vacancy
Have you ever notice several similar management position job vacancy for the same company keep appearing within few months in a year? You might want to take note & do some research before proceed any further on your application.
Unstable management team with high turnover in management level is an indicator of a bad cycle on going in a company. This might be a company culture issue that unable to keep talent or company without clear direction that keep changing their expectation on employee.

2. Employer Branding Look Impressive But Lack Real Worth
Fancy company website, impressive picture on social media and all employee looks happy in the employer branding poster! Wait until you see the reality before you make your decision.
Some company have done great job in their public relation & marketing however in reality the company internal operation could be a mess, employee benefits is not taken care by management and company facilities is old. If you notice this big difference then this company might not be an ideal company.

3. Ignore Talent Development
As always talent development of a company is extremely important yet most of us forget this part. In fact, some company often unwilling to spend money & effort in developing their own employees as this is being seen as additional expenses. This kind of company do not treat their employees as their most important asset, some even consider employees as their liabilities.
The company that ignore talent development could be notice as normally prefer hiring their top management position rather than promote within.  

4. Empty Promise
The benefits of this era is the transparency of information, by going through some company feedback online you will be able to identify some company who have the tendency of providing lots of promise during interview but fail to deliver after candidate join the company. For example, promises such as promotion, increment, benefits and etc.  Would you still trust a company with record of not keeping their promise?

5. Unpleasant Work Environment
Candidate will be able to notice this when a face to face interview is being schedule in employer premises. Candidate can pick up this sign in the company of an unpleasant workplace or office, just observe how the company employee react. You will get the feeling is this right move?

6. Unclear Job Responsibilities
Always ask your interviewer their expectation on you if you are the selected for the role. Furthermore, also clarify unclear job responsibilities towards the role that you are interview for during your interview session. Can you imagine if your interviewer is also unclear on your role job responsibilities then how would you be able to meet their expectation? Moreover, how would your company even be able to evaluate your performance during your probation?

7. Unprofessional & Disrespectful
There are several signal that you could pick up during the process. Most of the companies do their best to be professional & pleasant at least during interview stage however do not be surprise some companies act in a disrespectful behavior. From companies which cancelled interview without apology, hiring manager who keep texting during interview, to employer who make inappropriate & racist jokes. Those are very clear sign of a bad company that you do not want to work for.
Unprofessional behavior is a sign of a bad company, if you are being treated unprofessionally during the interview process most probably you will be treated the same after joining the same company.

Overall, a bad company is like a sinking ship that you might want to avoid on it. Unfortunately if you are on it now then perhaps remind yourself to be more alert next time. Hope the above sign help you making a wise career decision in your next move.
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