8 Things Employers & Recruiters Look For In Your Resume

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8 Things Employers & Recruiters Look For In Your Resume

If you want to grab a chance to progress to the interview stage, your resume needs to attract your reader within seconds. Most of the hiring managers & recruiters may receive hundreds of application for a single role furthermore they might be hiring several roles at the same time. Therefore, you can imagine the workload for recruiters & employer as they have very limited time to screen all application before deciding to progress candidates to the interview stage.
If you really want to make an effective impact, your resume will need to communicate the following information in the most compact yet readable format.

1. Experience
- Your resume will be screen on your current & previous work experience, employer normally look into the company that you have worked before and also the duration that you have spent in each company. Employer will determine your experience is consistent or relevant to the job that you have applied.
- Make sure you place your experience part in the front part of your resume if you have several years’ experience & confident that will attract employer.

2. Education
- Make sure you highlight your educational qualification especially if this is relevant to the job that you have applied & listed as a requirement for the job.
- If you are a fresh graduate who do not have much work experience, you might want to place your academic achievement in the front part of your resume to showcase your value to the company. You can always readjust your resume after you have earn some years of experience.

3. Roles & Responsibilities
- Spend some time tailor your resume to highlight your strength in each of the roles from your current to previous experience, make sure it is relevant to the job that you are applying.
- Make an effort to write in a compact way to highlight your roles & responsibilities in your current & previous experience. DO NOT COPY PASTE YOUR WHOLE JOB DESCRIPTIONS.

4. Training / Skills
- Do list down the training you have attended, you may want to highlight the training you gain that may add value or relevant to the job that you apply.
- You might want to list down some of the skill you have gain from cross training, on the job training or online training.

5. Achievement
- Recruiters & Employer love to see results, so if you are Sales professional who achieve above your set target, Finance professional who achieve your annual budget or Customer Service professional who achieve & exceed guest satisfaction score do list this on your resume. For example, make sure you specify your target in figures & percentage and explain how you have overachieve it.

6. Relevant Keywords
- Important keywords relevant to the job influence recruiter to spend more time on your resume. Ensure you spend some time reading the job description for the role that you are applying & include relevant keywords to your resume in an appropriate way. Try to avoid too much jargon as recruiters reading it may not be the technical expect however they know what to look for based on their hiring experience & job requirement.

7. Free From Inconsistent Facts
- Ensure you write your resume in a logical flow for example listing down your latest experience then previous experience follow with work experience duration & date specify.  Make sure there are no unexplained gaps & overlapping in your work history or inconsistencies info included.

8. Resume Format
After spending so much time making your resume reader friendly, you want to make sure you save your resume in a format that is “readable”. It make no sense for a Hiring Manager to download a software just to view a resume therefore make sure you save your resume in a common format & label your name as title (Example: Stanley Resume). You may also want to consider limit your resume file size around 1 MB to avoid blocking recruiter’s inbox & ensure you resume able to be upload for online application.  

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