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CV Tips for Job seekers

Below are some basic tips which might help you to build your CV.  These are some ideas based on WHR Solution Admin previous experience as recruiter & jobseeker, and you should refer those ideas & tailor make your own CV based on your own needs.

- Ensure your CV is updated from time to time. (Record your achievement in each employment)
- Ensure your email and contact number is updated accurately. (Provide a reachable number in order for employer to reach you for job opportunity)
- Provide personal information such as marital status, nationality, languages spoken, notice period in order for employer to determine on budget accommodation, feasibility in obtaining employment visa, forecast joining date & etc.
- Input valuable information about your current or previous role such as key job responsibilities, achievement with facts and figures such as important info which may convince employer to provide you an interview opportunity. (Remember that you have less than 1 minute to convince the recruiter to provide you a chance to be interview with your CV)
- Insert accurate web links of your previous employment, so that potential employers can quickly get an idea of your previous workplace.  
- Spend some time & effort in your CV & always remember your CV is an important marketing advertisement about YOU! (Keep it informative, try to limit it to 2 to 3 pages. Let's be honest, no one will read all 10 to 20 pages document when you have approximately more than 100 CV to screen per day)
- Make sure your CV has been spell checked and the format is neat.  Your CV gives the first impression about you to an employer!
- Feel free to ask for advice on the content and format of your CV from a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.  A well prepared CV takes time and effort to create, so do not be afraid to change and improve your CV.

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