Hospitality Jobs in Dubai - Insider Info (Contract Tips)

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Hospitality Jobs in Dubai - Insider Info (Contract Tips)

Are you looking for a job in hospitality industry?

Perhaps year 2020 during this challenging situation might not have as much opportunity as usual however does not mean there is no job available out there in the job market. In fact, there are still plenty of available opportunity available especially in Pre-opening hotel. At the end of the day, hospitality is all about PEOPLE business.

For those who do not have complete picture of employment contract in United Arab Emirates, we will share with you the general info on the contract working in hospitality industry. Hope this will help you to make the decision before taking up a job.

1. Job Title
Here is where your position is specify, it also should mention who you should be reporting to.

2. Grading/Job Level
Different organization has different grading system however most of the positions falls into the same category with slight different. Most of the hotel has EXCOM, Department Head, Assistant Department Head, Middle Manager, Supervisor & line level employees. You might think why is this matter? Please note this is important to the Management & Human Resources while deciding your benefits based on the grading guidelines.

3. Hiring Status
Always check on this as it specify are you hired as Single Status, Family Status (Spouse Only) or Family Status (Spouse + child). Furthermore, for family status with child you might also want to clarify how many child is covered as this will impact the coverage of the expenses of your child visa, insurance, schooling allowance & etc.

4. Basic Salary
The basic salary here is tax free which means you are taking away 100% of the amount which is specify in the employment contract. So when you have two offer in hand, you might want to consider is your salary will be tax of tax free. Don’t get excited with the higher basic salary with tax in some other countries! (At the end of the day, it is how much of your salary will go into your bank account)

5. Other Allowance
This is additional money that you receive from allowance such as Transportation, Child Education, Telephone, Heat Allowance (normally applicable for employee work under direct heat during summer) & etc.

6. Contract Period
There are limited & unlimited contract. Always check on the duration specify for the limited contract, this is important info especially comes to your end of service entitlement.

7. Probationary Period
Different company has different duration normally 3 to 6 months however maximum period of probation under any organization is Six months in the UAE. Please make sure you perform well to pass your probationary period as employer has the right to terminate your employment during probationary period due to unsatisfactory performance.

8. Notice Period
This is the specific timeline for both employer & employee required to notify another party to end the contract.

9. Flight Ticket
Depends on your position & job level different flight ticket benefits is provided. Normally, line level employee is provided with flight ticket or allowance every 2 years. For Supervisory level usually is provided with annual ticket however it may varies based on company policy. Mostly department head level under family status will be provided with flight ticket covering their family members.

10. Annual Leave
As per the law, 30 days leave after complete 1 year of service. (Details please refer to labor law as guidelines)
This is actually a value added benefits where most of us forget, 30 days of paid vacation.

11. Relocation Assistance Benefit
Some company provide this benefits where employee would be able to claim back their relocation expenses spend. Normally based on amount specify or size of the container define in the benefit policy, please do consult your Human Resources for details.

12. Accommodation
Based on different job level & position different benefits is provided based on each company policy. Benefits ranging from 4 person in 1 room,  3 person in 1 room, 2 person in 1 room, single person room, studio room, 1 bedroom apartment, 2 bedroom apartment & 3 bedroom apartment.
Always feel free to clarify with Human Resources if this is not specify in your contract. Especially line level employee who has their contract mention “Shared Room in Shared Apartment”.
Some company do provide accommodation allowance upon request, we shall share detail info in a separate post.

13. Transportation
Normally most employee who stay in company accommodation will be entitle for this benefit. Most of the time, a shuttle bus is provided with a fix bus schedule travelling between workplace to accommodation. (This is benefit that most people forget, imagine how much money is save here)
Company also provided transportation allowance to employee who required a transportation for their work purpose, we shall share detail info in a separate post.

14. Meals
Basically you can have all 3 meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) in your employee cafeteria and some hotel even have additional coffee break covered.
Imagine how much money you will be able to save on your meals when all your meals are covered even on your day off! The best part most of the cafeteria food are prepared by well-trained hotel chefs! (Hotel guest paid for their meals prepared by these chef and you are getting it daily 3 meals absolutely FREE)

15. Laundry
Another beauty of working in a hotel is your work attire laundry are covered by your company. All your work attire is wash, press & prepare for FREE! (Try calculate this how much time or money save on this?)

16. Working Hours
The Law identifies the normal working hours for the private sector as 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week. The working hours may be increased to 9 hours a day for businesses, hotels and cafes after approval from MoHRE.
For overtime info, please refer to the labor law for actual details or consult your Human Resources department.

17. Public Holidays
Working here do have decent numbers public holidays where you get for paid leave. Actual details please refer to the labor law based on employee working for public or private sector.

18. Insurance
Employers are legally obligated to provide medical cover for their employees. Most employer provide medical coverage for their employees however feel free to consult your Human Resources as some company do provide additional coverage in Life Insurance and better level of insurance based on position/job level.
Based on job level some employer also have insurance coverage for employee’s dependent (spouse & child).

19. Bonus
Different company have their own structure in rewarding their employee based on their KPI (Key Performance Indicator) set during goal setting session.
Always check with the company on this especially you hold a management level position, this might be a big factor in how much you may earn as some company reward well in their bonus system.

20. Service Charge
Most of the hotel have their own calculation how they would distribute their service charge based on the guideline provided by the authority on hotel revenue. Some hotel might distribute all amount monthly to their employee, others might distribute part of it monthly & another part of it end of the year.
Feel free to consult your Human Resources should you have any questions on service charge as this is additional money you will receive apart from your basic salary.

21. Discount in Facilities
Most chain hotels have the benefits of discount when you book a stay or dine in their food & beverage outlet in their sister properties in worldwide. However, most hotel have discount when employees utilize their own property facilities where this benefits varies based on individual company policy.

22. Employee Development
Apart from all the benefits stated earlier, candidates normally ignore this part as most people do not see the benefits as it does not comes in monetary form.
This part is extremely important for candidates who are in the stage of growing their career as some company provide very good learning & development opportunities for candidates in supervisory, managerial & leadership training. A well structure mentor, classroom & online training will help talent to speed up their career growth in next job level.

23. Gratuity
It is extremely important to clarify with your employer on your contract whether is limited or unlimited as this will impact on your end of service benefits.
Details on the calculation benefits please refer to labor law.

Hope the above info provide you a better picture in a contract, you may consult your future employer directly if you do not find certain points in your employment contract. We will share detail info in a separate post to provide further info especially related to compensation & benefits parts based on the job grade of the position.

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