8 Preparations Before An Interview

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8 Preparations Before An Interview

Attending an interview can be stressful, this can turn out to be unfavorable to the candidate that is unprepared. Therefore, preparations is crucial to your overall performance in the interview where this will increase you chance to land you dream job. Here we will share with you 10 preparations tips you need to know before attending an interview.

1. Research On The Company
Before attending the interview, do a research on the company details such as history and culture. You may check on the company official website for accurate info furthermore you may also have a look from other source to have a different perspective on the company. A different perspective such as customer and employee review on the company may provide you a better picture on the company.
By understanding the company before attending your interview will not only help you to boost your confidence, this also help you to create a lasting impression especially interviewer notice your understanding on the company during interview as this show your genuine interest towards the company.

2. Research The Role
Go through the job description listed on the job advertisement posted to understand what is expected from the role. Feel free to list down the description that is unclear to you in order to be clarify during interview.
It is common nowadays that applicant do not read job description when job application is submitted. By asking appropriate question about the role and what is expected from you, your behavior show the interviewer you are serious and interested in the job role.

3. Research Your Interviewer
Try to identify who might be conducting your interview where you do some research on their background on the social media profile. By understanding your interviewer personal & professional background especially their previous work experience will help you to speak a “common language” where you may use specific example which may close to interviewer interest, belief & company culture.
By identifying who is your interviewer also help you to forecast what interview questions you can expect in order to prepare your example answer in advance. For example, a HR interviewer might focus more on behavioral questions and a hiring manager might care more on technical part questions as this is important for them when you are hired to work with them.

4. Study Your Own Resume
Always make sure you know every single part that is written on your resume. Go through several times your own resume to ensure you know it by heart especially if you input figures to prove your achievement. It will be extremely embarrassing if you do not know what you have place in your own resume, an interviewer might assume that you are lying when the numbers that you have written in your resume do not match with what you say!

5. Prepare For Common Ask Question
This preparations will help you to be more confident when answering the questions, always ready with real life example which happen in your current or previous employment.
Furthermore, also prepare few thoughtful questions for interviewer at the end of the interview session. Be prepare as well to communicate with employer on your compensation & benefits expectation.

6. Plan Ahead
For face to face interview, always confirm with employer the exact interview location and do some research on the location such as travel arrangement (self-transport or public transport), normal travel time required and contact person when arrival. Always leave early to avoid being late when expected situation such as heavy traffic, time waste on searching parking space & etc.
For video interview, always make sure you confirm and prepare tested device, functioning video telecommunications app, quiet place, stable internet connection, pen, noted pad, your resume and make sure you dress professionally.  
7. Dress Appropriately
First impression will create a lasting impression, so make sure you dress professionally no matter it is a face to face or video interview. Grooming do make a huge difference!

8. Practice Your Tone Of Voice & Body Language
Practice! Practice! Practice! You need to practice your tone of voice and body language before attending interview, it do make a big difference when you show confident during the interview session.
Feel free to ask for an advice from any of your friends who frequently conduct interview. A certified interviewer feedback is valuable for you to understand your performance from an interviewer perspective.

In conclusion, preparations will ultimately help you feel more relaxed and confident during the interview process, also remember interviewers are human being as well. If you could not recall any specific example during the interview, always request your interviewer allow you to think for a moment. The employer will appreciate your effort in taking time to provide them a thoughtful answer. Hope these tips help for your interview and wish you best of luck landing your dream job.

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