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My Tools to Shoot - Entry Level Employees

My Tools to Shoot - Training Program for Entry Level Employees
Turning to a new page of your career life, you must be excited to know if any Training Program could enhance your skills and knowledge so you appeared professional and be more confident in front of a guest.

You may encounter two types of common training: On-Job and Off-Job training. Training that host at the workplace is named as On-Job Training, such as checking in a guest, setting up a table, making a pizza, how to dry clean the clothes etc... Off-Job training is held back in the training room where more theory information is shared and employees can learn by brainstorm or discuss the topic instead of hands-on at the workplace.

Learning & Development department is responsible for hosting off-job training. An entry-level employee receives a lot of training such as Orientation, Service & Recovery Training, Telephone etiquette, Handling guest complaints, Up-selling Skills etc... These trainings are provided either under Obligation, remedial training or perhaps for the development of the employees.

There are some mandatory training which legal obligation is required to carry out such as First Aid Training, Environment Health & Safety Training, Food Safety, Fire training,Bomb Threat, Lifeguard Certification etc...
All these training are provided not at the cost of an employee but the company. However, some expectations are communicated before the training starts to ensure training is carried out successfully. For the interest of the company as well as employees, some bonding contracts are designed especially for development courses. The employee can decide if they want to pursue the training or not.

Always ask yourself questions before and after the training: What have you learned from this lesson? How can I apply at the workplace? When you adopt the knowledge and skills at work, you will realize you are becoming a better person! All this hard work will pay back, ultimately reflect your career growth to the next supervisory level. Of course, to get yourself ready, it’s always recommended to attend Supervisory Skills training which can help you to manage or lead the team better.

Stay tuned for my next publish for the type of training for supervisory and mid-managers level.