Painful Lesson

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Painful Lesson

One day, I walked into the cafeteria, thought to pick some finger food for my light dinner.

“Guess what? ADFCA (local food authority) came for an inspection today!” Lily - the Hygiene Manager looked tired and sat next to me.

“Again? This is the 3rd time within the same month.” I was shocked.

“I didn’t expect either. The same comment for the fresh juice not labelled and this time the inspector even found no temperature recording for the walk-in freezer.” She looks worried.

“My god, what could be the next now?” I get worried too.

Suddenly, Lily’s mobile phone rang, she was talking to the Duty Manager, and I overheard a complaint raised for a food poisoning case. She quickly ran out to the kitchen and tried to find the food sampling. I thought it will be a sleepless night for her.

The next day, our morning briefing is cancelled as GM is dealing with ADFCA (local food authority) inspector for the food poisoning case. Inspector walked into the restaurant and checked all the procedures from point of receiving to the fork of the guest. The training department was asked to provide all the food handler training records of the employees, including certification and refresher. The inspector team also did on the spot Q&A with the food handler especially the Kitchen team.

With the final report given by ADFCA, the hotel’s restaurant was closed down for 3 days and imposed a fine for some improper food handling procedures. We all learned from this big lesson.
Why does training matter?