Payback of Ignorance

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Payback of Ignorance

“Abdul, haven’t you attended this session last week? This is the same fire safety re-fresher we hosted last week.” I was surprised to see Abdul here.

“Yeah, but I was told by my manager to attend training now, I thought it was a different training session. So shall I leave?”

“Wait a minute, the Kitchen team still have Sheila, Alex and Bonny in your section pending to attend. Are they on shift now?” I asked and waiting for the answer hopefully.

“No, one of them working the morning shift, one is on leave, and another one is night shift”.

I called up the manager before the session started.

“Abishek, why do you keep sending the colleague who has attended the training session? Have you referred to our weekly pending list of attendees we send out?

“, because none of them I can send.”

“That’s why we send out the monthly training calendar, including all the pending delegates for you to plan. Re-training is as important as training as we need to ensure colleagues remember how to act during an emergency.” I tried to explain calmly.

“Sorry Ms Pinky, I was too busy, but even things planned gets changed too.” Abishek trying to provide his excuses. He seems doesn’t buy in the idea of re-training, and I have to close the conversation as the training was about to start.

The lunch was busy with 150 covers dining in the restaurant. Suddenly the fire alarm rang, and I received an SMS almost at the same time “Code 1, Code 1, please evacuate now.”

The alarm made people panic, as many fire drills we have done before, this sound still made me shake. But I have to stay calm and evacuate. As we get out of the hotel building, we can see the smoke from the back area kitchen.

Employee lined up with tears in eyes, and another side is our in house guest. Noises are everywhere. I started to imagine the firefighter facing the smoky and fire, praying everything is going to be all right.

After the investigation, the fire broke out due to a gas leak. Somehow but it took a while for Kitchen and Engineering team to realize and respond accordingly. We had one employee who acts as a firefighter injured in this incident, and three employees tripped and fell during the evacuation. The authority went into more detailed checks included the yearly inspection and training attendance. At last, the hotel was imposed a huge fine by Civil Defense because of attentiveness and observation points during the emergency evacuation.
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
So why does training matter?