SWIM OR DIE. Which frog you choose to be?

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SWIM OR DIE. Which frog you choose to be?

                One day there are 3 frogs accidentally fall into a container filled with cream, as the cream is so smooth therefore no matter how hard these frogs tried to jump yet they were not able to jump out of the container.
                A few moments later, the 1st frog said: “No wonder I have a bad feeling the whole morning, I think this is faith & bad fortune that I ended up here so just let it be. Let my life to be decided by faith.” After finishing its words, the 1st frog decided to stay there do nothing hoping somebody will come for rescue. While after the 2nd frog tried to escape for few times, the 2nd frog felt there will be no way it will escape by itself. Therefore, the 2nd frog thought: “Rather struggle & suffer here waiting for death, why not reduce the pain.” After making its mind, the 2nd frog decided to dive into the end of container, drown itself in the cream.
                Meanwhile, the 3rd frog did not react negatively like the 2nd frog, it also did not stay there do nothing like the 1st frog. The 3rd frog was still struggling swimming in the cream, it was thinking: “Perhaps I may find a solid object as based in the cream!” However, after struggle for some time yet it did not find a solid based to step on. It keep failing every single time it tried yet it did not give up, the survival instinct keep supporting the 3rd frog to keep trying while struggling swimming in the cream.
                Suddenly, the 3rd frog felt the cream became thinker & it is getting difficult to move around. After a while, the cream started to harden and it realized due to its movement stirring the cream the liquid has started to turn into solid. So the 3rd frog step on the solid and finally jump out of the container.

Lesson Takeaway
During crisis, only the 3rd frog keep trying to seek for survival and at the end manage to escape from the crisis situation. This story also indicated during pressure & crisis, management/individual should not be like the 1st frog that do nothing. Furthermore, also should not be like the 2nd frog that deal with difficult situation in a very negative mentality. Management/individual should learn to be like the 3rd frog in handling crisis where positive action may help in reducing the lost and survive at the end.
When we face a problem, we need to be rational & try to reduce the damage cost to the minimal level.

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