The Screw Story

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The Screw Story

Screw Cost May Be Low But Professional Experience Is Priceless!

One day, a businessman had a broken bone in his ankle. He went to the hospital to consult a doctor who is a specialist in his field, the doctor then use a screw to hold the fracture bone of the businessman. After his surgery, the businessman was provided with a bill which cost him $ 10,000 for the surgery.

The businessman was extremely unhappy with the cost of the surgery as he was wondering why a tiny screw cost that much money to him? Therefore, the businessman has decided to write an official letter to the doctor requesting him to list the detail cost of the surgery.

When the doctor read the letter, he politely replied the businessman with the following list:
1 Screw = $ 1
How to fix it = $ 9,999

The businessman was silent after reading the message written by the doctor. After that, the businessman no longer complaint about his bill.

Most of the people always complaint about the cost price and forget about the value of professional experience.

What is the cost? Your Time, Experience, Education, Knowledge, Professional Network, Risk, Hard Work & Professional Service!

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