Walk the Talk (Management Development Guide)

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Walk the Talk (Management Development Guide)

Walk the Talk (Management Development Guide)

Director... Manager... Executive... This may sound glamour title, comes from the hard work and experience of an individual. They strive to achieve every single detail in the job before reaching this destiny. You must be curious how is their road path looks likes?

The company’s training program is build up from the vision, mission and value of the company. Therefore, if managers have not attended these training programs, they at least need to be aware, of course, even better in practicing them! These ultimately will lead managers to walk the talk, and the team believes what the company is preaching.

A competent manager supports and develops people. It is one of the most valuable assets of the company. Some company has an internal talent development program and manager could be identified as a mentor of the employee, so the skills of mentoring are critical.

Manager’s job required to train or observe if training falls in the right track or not, therefore you will benefit from the knowledge of On Job and Off Job Training. Public speaking courses are helpful as some last-minute speeches could arise. Nevertheless, the structured interviewing skills training is a great tool for managers to get the right team member. Having the right employees who are fitting in the team will make the operations run smoothly and easy.

When a local authority conducts an audit, they require the management team to cascade policies and procedures for implementation of the practices such as OSHA, ISO 14001, ISO 9001. So being the committee members, managers will need to learn the procedures and be driven from top to bottom.

Learning can take place anywhere and in any form. Some companies have a Finance for Non-Financial Manager course to help department heads to understand hotel/business financial statements. This will help them to make decisions based on business needs and not based on emotion. Most of the international hotel chains provide online management level courses from Harvard, Cornell and some other hotel management schools for Department Heads. For the General Manager level, they may attend Executive MBA courses in well-known business schools like INSEAD, The University of Hong Kong, University of Oxford and so on. Reading a book is another way of self-improvement. The management team often benefits from utilizing & learning from MBTI tools, Six Sigma, Lean Management, Blue Ocean Strategy and some business-related books like Good to Great, Build to Last etc. Attending short courses like Emotional Intelligence, Personality Type, Who Moves My Cheese will also help. All these practices are a big plus for individuals as they will give a different perspective and improve the way of doing things.

Learning never stops. Let’s gear up to strive in learning, regardless of which level you are, as long as you are learning, and you are improving!