Who To Be Blamed

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Who To Be Blamed

Who to be blamed?

“I am sorry Ms. Pinky, we can’t send our colleague to attend the training today.”

“But this is the 10th session, and we will not host this training in the next few weeks.”

“I didn’t expect Amirah called for sick leave today, I have to man one person in the egg station, I couldn’t send Anil to go for the training today”.

The phone just hang up and I was still frustrated, this happened often for this department who always have last minutes excuses for not sending their colleague for the training. I decided to run this training with 8 delegates so it doesn’t affect the schedule of others.

2 weeks later...

“Mr. GM, the seven colleagues who are pending to attend company culture training are mostly attended session from sister property this month, except the minority who can’t make the schedule for most of the time.”

GM seems didn’t hear what I have reported but is rather busy with another report on hand. “Can you tell me why new joiners are yet to attend company culture training? Look at this report!”

One point from the mystery guest report has shown Anil from Egg station was unable to show the nearest gift shop and ended with the phrase “I don’t know” to the guest. He could have asked help from others to further assist the guest, but this had not happened.

Why training matters?