Why Invest Your Time In Interview

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Why Invest Your Time In Interview

Do you think interview takes a lot of time?

Yes, indeed interview process not only takes a lot of candidate time but also consume large part of interviewer time. In fact, the real time spend for the whole process is much more than we could have imagine.

For a candidate, from the time an interview invitation received till the interview ended all the time spend is more than what we realize. Before attending an interview, a candidate need to spend his time doing research on the company, the role and also review own resume. Furthermore, time was also spend on travelling to the interview location in advance let us also not forget some company also conduct more than 1 interview with Human Resources & other hiring managers involvement in the recruitment process. Guess what? The process still did not end there after interview ended with follow up task to differentiate you from others applicants.

If you think that candidate has spent so much time on interview, how about Interviewers? Would their job be as easy as grabbing a coffee, just ask a few questions & listen to candidate respond? In fact a professional interviewer spend much more time on interview than we could have imagine. Before sending out an interview invitation, an interviewer will have to plan several interview sessions in order to identify the most suitable candidate for the organization. Once the interview invitation for several candidate has been confirmed, a proper interview questions needs to be select & prepare before the interview. During the interview, a well prepare interviewer will also demonstrate professionalism & gather useful information which will help to identify the right candidate at the later stage. Once all candidates interview completed, interviewers actually have to spend time to review on all information gather from the several candidate to identify the most suitable talent for the company. Till this stage, you may see that part of this process is taking more time yet this is only for hiring 1 position. Could you imagine how much is the actual time spend if for several vacancies at the same time?

So now we know that Interview is so time consuming to Candidate & Interviewer. Why invest all this time in Interviewing?

Did you know on average we spend more than 48 hours a week with our colleague in our workplace? The actual hours that we spend with our family & friends is lesser than our colleagues after removing our sleeping time & the time taken to commute to workplace.

We all know that interview takes time.  However, if you think about the fact that we spend more time with colleague than with our family & friends, doesn’t an hour time investment seems to worth it?

Have anyone ever hired someone or worked with someone who turned out to be a bad employee? Have anyone rushed in hiring process and ending up hiring staff who was not suited to the job. What were the consequences on the department, the clients & the company? This applied to the candidate as well, have anyone joined a bad company & turned out working for a bad boss?

Can you foresee how much time & cost did it takes to deal with those problems? Also not to forget the pain & suffer cause if thing does not go well in the hiring process.
If we take a little more time before we hire our staff. Put in effort to really find out if they can perform the job duties, we can avoid having to deal with all those problems mentioned earlier that come along with hiring the wrong person.

Therefore, investing time in our hiring process will help us hire the right person for the right job!
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